Nonprofit Art Corporation is an artist membership organization formed to catalog, showcase, and sell new work by emerging artists directly to the public. This gives individual buyers and collectors a chance to foster and support the development of art by purchasing works that appeal to them on a personal level, and at the same time staying in touch with and following the careers of artists that they are interested in.

Our selection committee ensures that only the finest works by the most promising new artists are chosen for inclusion on the website. Because we are a nonprofit organization, the low prices charged for the pieces available reflect good investment value for the purchaser as well as maximum compensation for the artist. If you purchase selected works that have been donated by the artists, you can benefit a wide variety of different charities, as well as support community art programs for children and adults.

Aside from purchasing or donating artwork, you may also make a direct contribution to Nonprofit Art Corporation that is deductible to the full extent permitted by law. Contributions are used to support community art programs, and any contribution over the $25 level will earn you a free CD-ROM slide show (PC only), which can double as a screen saver.

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